Advisory Committee

The Center's activities and priorities are guided by an Advisory Committee comprised of representatives of the stakeholder groups most involved in the juvenile court, child welfare, and juvenile justice systems. The Advisory Committee meets periodically and contributes to and is informed about the work of the Center.

2011-2012 Advisory Committee Members

Dr. Sandra Alexander , MEd
Ms. Omotayo "Tayo" Alli, JD
Professor Abdullahi An-Na'im, JD
Mr. Andrew Barclay, MS
Ms. Michelle Barclay, JD, BSN
Ms. Jennifer Bartelt, JD
Dr. Betsy Bockman, PhD
Dr. John Carter, PhD, MPH
Ms. Susan Carter, JD
Mr. Pete Colbenson, BA
Ms. Rachel Davidson, JD
The Honorable Deborah Edwards, JD
Professor James Elliott, JD
Ms. Laurie-Ann Fallon, JD, MDiv
Mr. Stephen Fusco, JD
Mr. Robert Grayson, JD
Ms. Mary Hermann, JD
Ms. Amy Howell, JD
Mr. Terry R. Howell, JD
Mr. Willie Lovett, JD
Ms. Arienne Mathe, JD
Representative Mary Margaret Oliver, JD
Ms. Linda Pace, JD
The Honorable Gregory Poole, JD
Professor Janette Pratt, LLM
Ms. Beth Reimels, JD
Ms. Rebecca Salmon, JD
Dean Robert Schapiro, JD
Dr. William Sexson, MD
Ms. Trenny Stovall, JD
Mr. Hurl Taylor, JD
The Honorable Velma Tilley, JD
Ms. Crystal Williams, BA

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